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Titan Scholarship Fund (COVID)

Total Raised: $1,090

Titan Scholarship Fund (COVID)

As students encounter new and challenging situations everyday during the COVID-19 pandemic, their vision of the future also changes rapidly. While navigating a new learning environment, many students are also coping with lost jobs or decreased wages, unexpected medical costs and family emergencies. Financial uncertainty will cause many Titans to question whether they can continue their education. With your help, their answer can be a confident "Yes!" 

When we emerge from this crisis, the need for student scholarships will be greater than ever. Your gift to the Titan Scholarship Fund helps us to meet our students' financial needs and pave a solid path to graduation.   

The Titan family is strong enough to overcome even the toughest situations. We band together. We uplift one another. We continue to reach higher. Let's show our students, the CSUF community and the world how much Titans care.

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