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If you are having any issues with navigating our page or making a gift to support one of the projects, we are here to assist you!

Please contact our team by phone at 657-278-4180 or email at titanfund@fullerton.edu

Cal State Fullerton FAQ

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way for Cal State Fullerton causes to engage with their networks and raise funds for a specific goal through the collective efforts of many people. Through this official CSUF website, members of the Titan community can join together to create, share and support fundraising projects. 

Can I give to more than one project at a time?

You absolutely can support any other active projects! If there are any available, on the donation form you will see "Add a Gift to this Donation" on the third line. This will provide a drop-down menu where you can select any of our other current crowdfunding projects to support. 

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

The Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Your gift qualifies for tax-deduction in accordance with IRS regulations during the calendar year that you make your gift. Consult your tax professional for more information. 

Will I get a receipt for tax purposes? 

Yes! You will immediately receive a receipt of your credit card transaction. An official gift receipt for your financial records will be sent to you via email within two weeks. For questions regarding your tax receipt please contact Advancement Services at 657-278-2118 or titanfund@fullerton.edu

Is there a minimum gift amount? 

Cal State Fullerton's crowdfunding platform accepts gifts of $5 or more. 

What if I am experiencing an error on the donation page? 

Most donors find their issue comes from the zip code entered on the form not matching the billing zip code of the credit cards entered. We recommend checking that first! Also, note that credit card numbers should be entered without spaces. Delete symbols such as "#" and "&" (for example, Apt #31). We have found that this "fixes" most of the processing problems. If your gift form still is not working, please call us directly at 657-278-4180. 

Is there another project or fund not listed that you would like to support? 

Visit our main page giving.fullerton.edu to make a gift to the college, program, team or scholarship of your choice.

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